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Residential Cooling

At Gasgroup, we understand how important it is for Melbournians to keep their families cool during the hot, dry Summer. We also know your family’s safety is your highest priority.

Whether you are in the market for a new air conditioner for your home, or you need your existing cooler serviced or repaired, contact the friendly staff at Gasgroup for all your air conditining needs.

Maintenance & Repairs

Just like you service your car, having your air conditioner looked at regularly, ensures that it runs efficiently and safely, and that it lasts longer.

Whether it’s a standard service, or a complicated repair, our specialist technicians can attend to most makes and models of residential air conditioner. This means you can have peace of mind that your cooler is in good and safe working condition all season long.

Installations & Replacement

Whether you are looking for a small split system air conditioner for one room in your home, or a ducted air conditioning system for the whole house, Gasgroup can give you the professional advice you are looking for.

Similarly, if it’s reverse cycyle aircon you are after, Gasgroup aims to make your choice of system as simple and easy as possible; we’ll come to you at a time that suits, and to assess your requirements for you.

Upon acceptance of our quote you will receive an installation date or a good estimate of how long you will have to wait for your new air conditioner. We endeavour to install your unit as soon as possible, and find a time that suits you.

Residential Cooling

Room Air Conditioning for existing homes

If you have an established home, whilst providing air conditioning to the whole home may not be the most cost effective solution, you can most certainly cool most rooms.

Various options are available when it comes to providing one or more systems of comfort air conditioning. The most popular, and most economical of room air conditioning systems would be the high wall split air conditioning system. These systems are built either with or without the ‘inverter’ option.

Inverter units are economically advanced in comparison to the standard fixed speed compressor as it does not completely cycle off. It draws a low, constant amount of power, rather than fully cycling off and then drawing excessive power to re-start the compressor as in conventional systems.

High wall split systems operate via infra-red remote and are quiet as the condensing unit is mounted on an external wall and inter-connected to the indoor unit via copper piping and electrical wiring…reducing internal noise usually associated with the older style window or wall type air conditioners.

High wall split systems come in both single and multi-head form, allowing you to simultaneously air condition multiple rooms with several indoor units connected to one outdoor unit, which is a more cost effective alternative to installing a ducted split system.

High wall systems come in ‘cooling only’ and ‘heating and cooling’, or as is commonly known as ‘reverse cycle’.

Many more room type units are available including cassette units, console units, portable units and under ceiling systems for unique situations. Contact Gasgroup today for all your home cooling solutions.

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